Fees, Subsidies & Scholarships

Student payment plans

We understand that some students have difficulty paying the full amount of a course up front. You may be eligible for a payment plan.

A Payment Plan application form must be completed prior to enrolment. This form is available from our office, or by calling us on 1300 228 338. Enrolment into your course won’t occur unless the application has been approved and the first payment has been made.

A schedule of payments will be planned according to your financial circumstances.

Cancellation of enrolment does not necessarily cancel the obligation to make all payments under an existing Payment Plan.

You may be eligible for a Payment Plan if:

  • The minimum student fee threshold for the qualifications or unit/s of competency is $500 or greater
  • You are a domestic student and 18 years of age or older
  • You are not eligible for a relevant Queensland Government subsidy.
  • You have no outstanding debt with Linden College
  • You must have the financial capacity to provide a minimum deposit of 25% of the student fees for the qualification or unit/s of competency at the time of enrolment
  • You have the financial capacity to meet the Payment Plan instalments
  • You must consent to the assessment of your credit capacity, eligibility or history

Payment Plans may be offered on a fortnightly repayment schedule with the need to be completed at least 30 days prior to the end of your program of study.
Still have questions? Please read our terms and conditions contained within the Payment Plan Application, or contact us. We’re here to help.

Government subsidies

Queensland Government

Through its VET Investment Program the Queensland Government, provides Queenslanders with access to subsidised training.  Kickstart your new career with one of Linden College’s Certificate III and Higher Level Skills courses.

What does this mean for students?

Certificate 3 Guarantee program

Linden College offers subsidised training under the Certificate 3 Guarantee program.

The Certificate 3 Guarantee provides Queensland students with subsidised training to complete their first post-school certificate III qualification in priority training areas. The subsidy is paid to Linden College to reduce the cost to students.

This subsidy can help students increase their employability skills, re-enter the workforce, advance their career or start an educational pathway to higher learning.

Am I eligible?

The Certificate 3 Guarantee is available to Queensland residents who:

  • have not already completed a Certificate III or higher;
  • are not already undertaking a certificate III or higher level qualification;
  • are over 15 years of age;
  • have left school; and
  • are an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident.

* This does not include qualifications completed at school or foundation skills.

Linden College helps students deal with the administrative processes and explore the opportunity for subsidy.

Check our listing on myskills.gov
Not sure if you are eligible please call us on 1300 228 338
or email us at study@lindencollege.com.au


Linden College offers two scholarships to assist new students meet the course fees for a range of qualifications.

There are several scholarship places available across 2 qualifying categories:

  • Industry Career Change– valued at $1,000
  • Return to Work– valued at $1,000

Students will apply for the scholarship at the time of enrolment. 

Eligibility Criteria

Industry Career Change Scholarship

Applicants must provide a written submission demonstrating that they are moving into a new industry

Return to Work Scholarship

Applicants must provide a written submission explaining their intention to return to work

Application Process

At the time of your enrolment, our staff will provide confirmation of your eligibility, and confirm your total fees including any scholarship requirements.

  1. Students apply for the scholarship
  2. Linden College review the application
  3. Linden college make a determination

Successful applicants are advised prior to commencement either via a call or email from a Linden College admissions team member.