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First of all, let’s review what we mean by management skills. These are skills are universal, and apply not just to physical and mental management, but also to managing yourself as an individual. Number one on this list is communication; being clear and concise with those around you and your workmates is a premier skill. Let’s make a list to show the skills them clearly. See the whole post here.

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Certificate IV in Accounting

Become your greatest in-demand asset and learn the real-world skills and become job ready to work in an accounting role, including accounts clerk, bookkeeping, junior accountant

Diploma of Accounting

This course is suitable for candidates who are currently management accountants or progressing in their career. Successful candidates will be independent thinkers equipped to apply solutions to a range of often complex problems, and analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources.

Certificate III in Accounts Administration

Are you ready to start your career in accounts administration. This course provides the foundation knowledge you require to preform a variety of roles in accounts receivable, accounts payable, reconciliations, payroll or as a junior accountant.

Certificate IV in New Small Business

Whether you have a small business or starting out with a great idea, having a structured foundation will help you understand what you need to start and grow a business? This course will help you explore your business idea, evaluate the opportunity, analyse the finances and develop strategies for incorporating innovation.

Diploma of Business

This qualification is suitable for emerging managers with limited business experience or experienced executive officers, consultants and coordinators with little or substantial business who seek to broaden their knowledge and skills.

Diploma of Leadership & Management

This course is suitable to the aspiring leader or manager, and will develop the candidates initiative and judgement skills required to plan, design, apply and evaluate solutions to unpredictable problems, and identify, analyse and synthesise information from a variety of sources.

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