Staying Healthy While Studying

Studying is hard, and it takes a lot of brain power. So to keep you fueled the healthy way, we’ve put together some tips for you.

8 Tips to keep you healthy:

  • Obviously I’m going to say eat your fruit and vegetables. Not only do these delicious foods supply us with nutrients and vitamins, but also are much healthier than the chips I bet you ate sometime this week
  • Don’t forget the carbohydrates! Try to keep it minimally processed (e.g. brown rice, instead of white). Plants are grown to be the perfect package.
  • If in need, baked beans are a poor/time poor student’s best friend.
  • Snacks (YES!) Snacks are what students are all about. Keep it light with some nuts, blueberries, or watermelon to keep you hydrated and fueled (yes, frozen is fine). Bananas are also great for a rushing-to-class snack.
  • Cook in bulk, if it’s easiest. You can make enough rice and curry to last a week without too much fuss.
  • Drink water regularly! Being dehydrated slows you down, both mentally and physically.
  • Exercise – going for a walk around the block (or further) lets you take a break from study and keeps your muscles and lymphatic system pumping.
  • Take breaks. Extended periods of sitting and reading can be just as harmful to you and not studying can be to your grades. Get up and do a quick tidy up, or cook a meal while you listen to music, grab a coffee, or if you dare – watch a YouTube video.

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